PnB Rock is throwing two shows in one day for a wild homecoming in Philly

via Kulture Hub by: Jesse Vargas

By now you might think you have a good idea of who PnB Rock is.
But what you might not know is this dude is an ABSOLUTE workaholic, and he’ll do anything for his fans that got him this far.

The Philly native has made it his business to personally grow his own stardom over the past few years, dropping hit after hit and traveling to different venues in Cali, Chicago, NYC, and everywhere in between to blow the roof off of every venue he steps in.

He’s one of the most promising young musicians in the industry today and Drake has even credited him for bringing melodies back to modern hip-hop.

You’d think an artist with as much success as him would just be coolin’ now that his album dropped. Instead, PnB Rock is going city to city, coast to coast, bringing that same energy on his record to fans at live shows. Even before all that, he’s throwing two homecoming shows in Philly in one day to show his love to the local fans.

I had the privilege of attending his sold out show at Gramercy Theater in NYC back in December where everybody’s eyes were glued to the stage. PnB’s stage presence, despite being a new artist in the game, is that of a seasoned vet.